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There are few places a man can find a decent hair cut under $20 in Los Angeles. 

In the midst of Venice's gentrification, Pico Barbershop is an echo of what the neighborhood used to be. I photographed these two dogs to the beat of KDAY blaring on the radio. I crawled on the floor with my camera in a floral dress as regulars shuffled in and out, neck tattoos abound. Miller High Life, skateboards, high and tights ...  what more could a photographer ask for? 

How about the nicest barbers this side of the 405? 

Dacious, the English Bulldog, trots with the confident ignorance of a freshman quarterback. Young. Stocky. Unaware of exactly what kind of damage his body mass can do. He greets every customer with a bark or a slobber. What better shop dog for a barbershop than an English Bulldog? He really is just one of the guys.

Wu-Tang, the pup, was an added bonus while his mama waited for her undershave. 

This photograph seems to be proof that Wu-Tang ain't nuthin to f wit.