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Seriously Serious Portraits with Rynn

This has been one of my favorite shoots in a long time. I don't know why it is, but sometimes when you take portraits of people you know well, it's more difficult. Difficult to capture their personality ... who you know them to be. I have yet to capture a portrait of either of my parents I really love. Or my husband for that matter.

Rynn is one of my closest friends, and I was a little doubtful on my way to this shoot. We're both pretty critical and headstrong. I don't know what happened besides photo magic, but these photos of Rynn are her. She's funny, and beautiful, and isn't shy one bit. She puts pieces of herself into what she bakes, and I'll be damned if she didn't find baking a wee bit sensual. 

The feelings these photos give me are the feelings I search for when I shoot anything or anyone. Sadly all shoots can't all be this fulfilling. You know, it's either this or crushing self loathing and doubt / second guessing why you ever started doing his art form in the first place and wondering if maybe you should just get a 9-5 desk job. But I guess that back and forth is what keeps us chasing the carrot ....... cake.