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There are few places a man can find a decent hair cut under $20 in Los Angeles. 

In the midst of Venice's gentrification, Pico Barbershop is an echo of what the neighborhood used to be. I photographed these two dogs to the beat of KDAY blaring on the radio. I crawled on the floor with my camera in a floral dress as regulars shuffled in and out, neck tattoos abound. Miller High Life, skateboards, high and tights ...  what more could a photographer ask for? 

How about the nicest barbers this side of the 405? 

Dacious, the English Bulldog, trots with the confident ignorance of a freshman quarterback. Young. Stocky. Unaware of exactly what kind of damage his body mass can do. He greets every customer with a bark or a slobber. What better shop dog for a barbershop than an English Bulldog? He really is just one of the guys.

Wu-Tang, the pup, was an added bonus while his mama waited for her undershave. 

This photograph seems to be proof that Wu-Tang ain't nuthin to f wit. 


Photographing cows in Texas. Seems cliche. To me though, this shoot was pretty special. You grow up in Texas and cows become part of the landscape. Just the same as the beige strip malls, large expanses of sky and barbed wire  fences you see driving down any given highway in North Texas. I mean really you could walk out of a 7-11 and in the next lot there could be a longhorn just staring at you. 

After moving to California, palm trees took the place of cows in the passing landscape. I never really knew I missed them until they were gone. Funny enough, I never photographed any cows for as long as I resided in Texas. Again, it would be cliche ... like photographing palm trees in California.

Recently on a trip back I traveled out to Possum Kingdom Lake and had a chance to shoot a new mama cow and her calves on a client's ranch. I will admit looking at them on the inside of a barbed wire fence is an entirely different/thrilling/kinda horrifying experience. On the inside of the fence they are no longer pieces of a passing landscape, but exude a sort of mythical majestic vibe (particularly so when lit by a Texas sunset).  

Lucky for me I was able to capture these two things in tandem. Living in LA, I don't see them often enough to take for granted anymore: cows and Texas sunsets.